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Avery warm welcome to all exhibitors and visitors who have travelled from various parts of this
          country and elsewhere in the world to participate and/or visit this 19th Nairobi International
          Education Fair (NIEF) in Nairobi, Kenya.

This Fair provides a one-stop forum for local and       and services in this country. The other products in
international colleges and universities to engage       this platform include Kenya Education Directory
students, school leavers, teachers and parents on       and its online version
careers and training programmes being offered           and Kenya Career Information Guide and its online
by those institutions. Other young persons, including   version
the working class people wishing to advance their
Education, will also benefit from this Fair.            Besides promoting and marketing Education
                                                        businesses and services, the platform provides
NIEF is the mother of the Regional and Career           comprehensive Education sector information,
Fairs organized in various regions of this country.     making it second to none in this country.
We have just concluded a very successful fair in
Nyeri. After this fair, we are headed to Mombasa        This year, we have a seminar programme which is
and Nakuru.                                             running side by side with this Fair. We have also
                                                        started a comprehensive survey in which we want
The 47 counties, which were recently created by         to capture information about students, in both local
Kenya’s new constitution, are new enclaves of           and international secondary schools. Focusing on
social and economic development in this country.        secondary school KCSE and IGCSE candidates, we
The devolved governance system has moved many           will capture the careers they want to pursue and
people with good disposal incomes to the counties       the colleges and universities of their choice.This
attracting massive business activities. As a result of  information will be made available to colleges and
this, many corporate firms and institutions have also   universities which may want to use it to spice up their
realigned their operations and businesses to this       promotion and marketing of their programmes
new dispensation.
                                                        Once again we thank you for choosing to do business
It is for this reason that we have created Regional     with us. We will continuously strive to be relevant
Education and Career Fairs to assist the local          to your future business plans in the Education sector
and international colleges and universities have        in Kenya.
structured engagement with students, teachers,
parents and the general public in those areas for       Sammy Masara
the benefit of all the parties.                         Team Leader & CEO

These fairs are part of our comprehensive Education
Media Platform which is exclusively dedicated to the
promotion and marketing of Education businesses

                              19th Nairobi International Education Fair 2017
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