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STRATHMORE PROGRAMMES                  SCHOOL OF FINANCE AND                    Licence (ICDL)                     ‡0DVWHURI6FLHQFHLQ&RPSXWHU%DVHG           Law Applicants - Wednesdays at 8 a.m
(For Full-time and Part-time)          APPLIED ECONOMICS                     ‡&LVFR1HWworking Academy(CCNA)       Information Systems
                                                                                                                                                                    Graduate Students-Wednesdays and Fridays
                                         Actuarial Science                   SCIENCES                                Systems Security
High Graduate Job Placement                                                                                                                                         Interview Requirements
Quality Education                      ‡%DFKHORURI%XVLQHVV6FLHQFH       Undergraduate Programmes              ‡0DVWHURI&RPPHrce
Student Mentoring                        Finance                             ‡%DFKHORURI$UWVLQ&RPPXQLFDWLRQ   ‡0DVWHURI6FLHQFHLQ0DWKHPDWLFDO)LQDQFH     ‡SDVVSRrt-Size Photos
Rigorous Standards                                                                                                 ‡0DVWHURI6FLHQFHLQ6WDWLVWLFDO6FLHQFHV     ‡2ULJLQDOVDQG&RSLHVRI Academic and
International Internships              ‡%DFKHORURI%XVLQHVV6FLHQFH        Studies                              ‡0DVWHURI6FLHQFHLQ%LRPDWKHPDWLFV
International Faculty                    Financial Economics                 ‡%DFKHORURI$UWVLQ,QWHUQDWLRQDO   ‡0DVWHURI$SSOLHG3KLORVRSK\DQG(WKLFV           Professional Certificates
Powerful Networks                                                                                                  ‡0DVWHURI6FLHQFHLQ(GXFDWLRQDO              ‡&Rpy of passport, National ID or Birth
Scholarships, Financial aid & Low      FACULTY OF INFORMATION                 Studies
Interest Loans                         TECHNOLOGY                            ‡%DFKHORURI$UWVLQ'HYHORSPHQW       Management                                        Certificate
                                                                                                                                                                    ‡,QWHrview fee of Kshs 1500 for
World - Class Learning Facilities      Undergraduate Programmes               Studies and Philosophy               SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTANCY
Wireless connectivity and high-tech                                                                                                                                    Undegraduate, Kshs 1000 for Diploma and
computer laboratories                  ‡BInafcohremloartioonf  Business    STRATHMORE LAW SCHOOL                 ‡ Association of Chartered Certified            for Graduate courses
Digital and fully equipped library                               Technology                                          Accountants
Modern lecture theaters                ‡BInafcohremloartioonf  Business    Undergraduate Programmes                                                               Contacts
New state-of-the-art students’ centre                            Technology  ‡%DFKHORUVRI/aws (LL.B)           ‡&Hrtified Public Accountants                  Strathmore University,
                                                                                                                   ‡&KDrtered Financial Analyst®                  Ole Sangale Road, Madaraka Estate
SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT                   BBIT Exempt, BTC, BIF Exempt          CENTRE OF TOURISM AND                 ‡&Hrtified Information Systems                 PO Box, Nairobi, Kenya
AND COMMERCE                           ‡%DFKHORURI6FLHQFHLQ           HOSPITALITY                                                                            Tel: 
                                       Informatics and Computer Science                                               Auditor®                                      Fax: 
Undergraduate Programmes                                                     Undergraduate Programmes              ‡&Hrtified Information Security                Email:
‡Bachelor of Commerce                                                       ‡%6FLQ+RVSLWDOLW\0DQDJHPHQW                                                     Website:
‡%DFKHORURI&RPPHrce Exempt                                                ‡%6FLQ Tourism Management             Manager®
                                       ‡%DFKHORURI6FLHQFHLQ            ‡6SHFLDOYear BSc in Hospitality  ‡&KDUWHUHG$FFRXQWDQW
Diploma Programmes                       Telecommunications
‡'LSORPDLQ%XVLQHVV0DQDJHPHQW                                               Management and BSc in Tourism       INTERVIEWS & ENTRANCE EXAM
‡&KDUWHUHG,QVWLWXWHRI0DUNHWLQJ                                             management (Exempt)
                                       Diploma Programme                                                           Applicants are required to sit an entrance Exam
                                       Diploma in Business Information       GRADUATE PROGRAMMES                   that tests English and Mathematical
                                       Technology                                                                  Aptitude.They must also pass a personal
                                       Certificate Courses                     Technology                          interview.
                                       ‡&Hrtificate in Computer
                                                                             ‡0DVWHURI6FLHQFHLQ0RELOH        Interview Days
                                         Applications (CCA)                    Telecommunication and Innovation    Undergraduate Courses, Diplomas and
                                       ‡,QWHUQDWLRQDO&RPSXWHU'ULYLQJ                                          Professional Courses -Tuesdays and Thursdays
                                                                                                                   at 8 a.m
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